Model Information

So You Want To Be An Adult Model?

Awesome! Please take the time to fill out an application located here. There a few things to consider before filling out the application though based on our experience. A couple good questions to ask yourself before you decide to start modeling:  Will your family support your modeling decision? Will your significant other approve of your decision? Will your friends support your modeling? If you answered YES to all the questions above modeling may be a good fit for you.

Daily Paying Gigs, Online Money, Residual Income

Modeling is a great job that is very exciting and a good source of residual income. If you do not know what residual income is please take ten minutes and watch this video. It will probably surprise you that most of your sexy online Models that you are viewing today are in their thirties and using photos and videos that were produced when they were in their twenties. Still getting paid for photos & videos ten years later! That is the power of residual income!  

How & When Do I Get Paid?

First not every person that applies at the website is a good fit for Acid. In fact we only really pick one or two new Models per month. So if you are not picked do not let that discourage your modeling. If you become an Acid Model you are paid for every photo shoot or event that you attend. You are also paid for online subscribers and video chats daily along with the sale of your videos & prints. 

Guide To Filling Out Your Application