Apply At Acid Models

Dancers & Adult Models earn on average $250 per hour. 

Here is how the application process works. 

1- Smile! We want to see your best smile and teeth. Does your smile make other people happy?

2- No filters on photos! Do not send us any photos that are filtered or screenshots of filtered photos. Do not send photos that have been edited at all. Face, body shots, smile. Selfies are fine if you do not have any professional photos. If you send us any filtered or edited photos we disregard your entire application. 

3- Highlight your social media accomplishments! If you have 3500 followers on Instagram tell us about it. If you get 200 likes on your FB profile pic! Great! Tell us! If you have 5000 followers on Twitter, mention that in your application. Models with a stronger social media presence make our job so much easier.

4- Confidence! Tell us how confident you are of potential success in your application. Does your confidence reflect in the photos that you are sending? Did a photo you are sending us get 200 likes on your personal Facebook? Tell us about it.

5- Unique! What makes YOU unique? Tell us about it. If you browse the models you find at Acid Models they are very unique in their own special way. What makes you special and unique? 

6- In shape! Do you work out? How often? Do you never work out & eat junk food all day? Tell us about it.

Just some quick tips to filling out your application. Good luck!  

Non Google users can send photos and general contact information to submit@acidmodels.com